Author unknown.

“I hope one day you find someone who makes flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you.” - someone
(Google and I have been looking for the author, but no source is to be found. Yet. I'll keep you posted.)
Must be the most beautiful wish I've ever heard...

I hope you are not sad, and if you are, I hope there are flowers.

s o f t    &   s t r o n g

f r a g i l e

n e w

 m a n y

t h e   w r i t t e n   k i n d




in flowers.
A bouquet of full blooming roses means gratitude.

Tulip - fame.

Red poppies - pleasure. 
Zinnia - thoughts of absent friends.
Willow - forsaken.

White poppy - consolation.

Sentiments, and the flowers which represent them; find it here.
-The Language and Poetry of Flowers-

 Sometimes words elude me, but that's ok, I speak fluent Flowers.



The palette of reasons.

There must be a million reasons why you should visit Gotland & Fårö.
 All of them are true.
When you leave, you'll have a million more.

Last summer I went back, and these are the colours I found.

Cathedral umber

At the Gate - blue

Paper pale

( I forgot to mention textures... )

Velvet green

Furillen grey

Love You - brown

Withered yellow

Bleached sea

Fårö blues

I'll leave you here by the sea, on Fårö island, where light seems to be all around you.

Remains of the Day - pink



From flax to fabulous, the Hale Mercantile way.

This is a story about Linen.

Apart from linseed and oil and clothes and bags and curtains
and fields of morningblue flowers,
she also is magically turned into this:



(there's always room for one more, right?)

(if I must have wrinkles, - I want linen ones.)


(for everyday luxury)

(yes, - for both breakfast & dinner)


(just kidding! Visit www.halemercantilecolinen.com for more.)

My work for Hale Mercantile Co



i left. i unleft.

While I was gone, there were roses and poppies and dancing and sadness and joy and sunsets
and a new year, new beginnings and courage and smiles
and winter and other people and nobody and anybody and time, happening. And life. For all of us.

I tread carefully amidst it all.

Hoping you find beauty.

In spite of all my shortcomings, I'll always bring you flowers.


Old silk blouse from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen
Concrete cup from Serax, bought at @libertinelillehammer
Glass vase from H&M